Ryan is a well-respected professional in the business arena. As a global speaker, he has the ability to impart knowledge, guidance and humility to his audience. Ryan is continuously building his profile and giving back to other professionals and especially the professionals of the future through Guest Lecturing and Public Speaking engagements.

His clients include companies, universities and conferences like Money 20/20, Edison International, Nasdaq, World Government Summit,  American Red Cross, London School of Economics, Wharton Business School, Osaka University, to name a few. His topics include global strategy, entrepreneurship, scaling, empowerment, innovation, consumer disruption, personal development and leadership. Some of Ryan’s sample speaking titles include:

  • Leadership & Influence: How to Empower & Succeed Globally
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: How to Harness and Cultivate Innovation in the Global Economy
  • Going Global: Ways to Develop Global Brands & Teams
  • Emerging Growth & Trends from Retail to Food
  • Building Brand Equity: Development Strategies While Still Protecting the Brand
  • Human Social 2.0 – The New Age of Social Responsibility and Business
  • Cross Functional Teams: The Global Complexities That Lead to Simple Solutions
  • Strengthening The Foundation: Building People, Innovation, Diversity & Inclusion
  • The Global Marketplace: Analyzing the Financial Markets without Emotion
  • Finding Success in Today’s Global Trade Landscape
  • Building The Global Mindset



“The Value of Influence, Impact and Equality
Salesforce – Fireside Chat with Ryan Patel
San Francisco, CA

“Why Cybersecurity is Everyone’s Issue?
Money 20/20 USA – Main Stage 
Las Vegas, NV

“The Secret Sauce for Corporate Innovation
National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) – Global Boards Leaders’ Summit – Washington D.C.

“Raising Awareness and Human Social 2.0”
World Government Summit 2017
Dubai, UAE

“Innovation, Global Trends and Leadership – Future of Board of Directors roles
National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) – Future Trends Event
Austin, TX

“Going Global: Lessons Learned in Scaling Startups
Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center
San Francisco, CA

“Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Celebration Address
12th Annual Edison International Event
Garden Grove, CA

“Going Global – Ways to Develop Global Brands and Teams”
4th Annual The August Fest – Asia’s Largest Startup Conference
Hyderabad, India

“Metrics that Matter in Building Brand Success”
6th Annual Indian Restaurant Congress
Delhi, India

“Global Strategies, Entrepreneurship and Leadership
Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center Annual Board of Directors Retreat 
San Francisco, CA

“Startup to Sustainability – How to Create Lasting Impact”
National Association of Asian American Professional (NAAAP) – Annual Employee Resource Group (ERG) Symposium and National Leadership Academy 
San Jose, California

“Global Strategies, Social Media, Cryptocurrency and Tariffs – Impact and Trends”
University of Arizona,  Eller College of Management – Global Perspectives Symposium
Tucson, Arizona

“Leverage your Entrepreneurial Spirit”
University of San Diego – Ahlers Center for International Business Fireside Chat with Ryan Patel
San Diego, CA

“Emerging Trends From Retail to Food” 
51st Food Marketing Conference 
Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Ireland, The New Economic Atlantic Bridge
Boston College Irish Business Council
Boston, MA

Successful Growth Strategies
G6 Hospitality Annual Brand Conference
Boca Raton, Florida

“Middle East The Answer To International Retailers Demands?”
21st Annual MAPIC Conference (Reed Midem)
Cannes, France

“Cross Functional Teams: The Global Complexities That Lead To Simple Solutions” 
Human Capital Institute (HCI) Learning & Leadership Development Conference
Chicago, Illinois

Leadership & Influence: How To Grow The Business”
SCMSDC Gateway Conference – Southern California Minority Supplier Development Council
City of Industry, California

“Going Global” 
GetGlobal Conference 
Los Angeles, California

“Startup Mindset Globally” 
Insight Innovation eXchange (IIEX) North America 2015
Atlanta, Georgia

“Leadership & Influence: How to Empower & Succeed” 
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference
San Jose, California

“Leadership & Influence:  How to Empower & Succeed Globally”
26th Annual Professional Business Women of California Conference
San Francisco, California

Selling Strategies – Learnings Across Industries 
5th Annual Benefit Technology Summit 
San Diego, California

“This Land is Your Land”
20th Annual MAPIC Conference (Reed Midem)
Cannes, France

“A to Z on Franchising” 
Los Angeles Business Journal Event
Los Angeles, CA

“Success in Today’s Global Landscape”   
Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce Global Initiatives Council Los Angeles, California

“Global Retailers Outlook”   
RECON Latin America Conference – International Council of Shopping Centers
Cartagena, Colombia

“Experiences in Rapidly Growing Corporate and Franchise Organizations”   
Lawyers’ Business Development Club London
London, United Kingdom

“A Few Good Men: Learning From Our Male Counterparts” 
National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) LA Signature Event – Grammy’s Museum
Los Angeles, California

“Expansion Strategies: Global Retailers in Latin America” 
RECON Latin America Conference – International Council of Shopping Centers
Santiago, Chile

“International Expansion: How to Prepare for Global Recognition”  
Next Generation Conference – International Council of Shopping Centers
Atlanta, Georgia

“Marketing Fireside Chat ”  
TiECon Southwest 2015 Conference
Cerritos, California

“Diversity Best Practices”  
7th Annual Diversity & Leadership Conference – National Diversity Council
Long Beach, California

“Career Development”  
ARC Annual Youth Services Leadership Conference at Disney Studios 
Burbank, California

“Franchise Growth Strategies”
International Franchise Association – Franchise Development Seminar
Redondo Beach, California

“Leadership & Influence:  How to Empower & Succeed Globally”
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) ENGAGE Summit
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Embracing Technology”
101st Annual Red Cross LA Meeting – The Next 100 Years
Los Angeles, California


“Global Entrepreneurship: Key Principles in How to Lead and Build Brands Globally” 
Osaka University – Entrepreneurship Speaker Series
Osaka, JapanBeyond Conventional Wisdom: Building a Brand and Accelerating Growth in Emerging Markets”
London School of Economics – 6th Annual Emerging Markets Forum
London, United Kingdom

“Emerging Trends from Retail to Food”   
University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School of Business
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Expansion Strategies – Global Retailers in Latin America” 
University of Arizona,  Eller College of Management – 8th Annual Global Perspectives Conference
Tucson, Arizona

“Power, Influence & Negotiation” 
Brigham Young University, Marriott School of Management
Provo, Utah

“Leadership & Management Competencies Needed to Be Successful within a Global Economy”; “What is Branding and Marketing”; “Creating a Global Service Culture”; “Strategies for Global Decision Making”; “Seven Steps to Going Global”; “How to Manage your Career”  
University of Nevada, William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration
Las Vegas, Nevada

USC Marshall School of Business – Inaugural Career Conference
Los Angeles, California

“Leadership & Expansion Strategies: Global Retailers in Asia”
Imperial College Business School
London, United Kingdom

“Principles of International Business”   
University of Arizona, Eller College of Management
Tucson, Arizona

“Real Estate Finance & Investments”   
University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business
Los Angeles, California

“Leadership Styles”   
University of Oxford – St. Hilda’s
Oxford, United Kingdom

“Introduction to the Hospitality Industry”
University of Nevada, William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration
Las Vegas, Nevada

“American Marketing Association Event and Internet Marketing – Mobile Applications”
Western Michigan University, Haworth College of Business
Kalamazoo, Michigan

“Leadership and Strategic Management in Hospitality”
Cal State University, Long Beach
Long Beach, California