“Ryan epitomizes the kind of the future-focused thought leader who has become a hallmark of NACD events. He combines experience with global markets, disruption, and innovation at scale—issues that companies of all sizes are grappling with right now. Actionable insights like the ones Ryan will share are critical as boards evaluate strategy and risk in the context of long-term value creation.”

– Erin Essenmacher, National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Chief Programming Officer.

Thank you very much for giving us a lecture “Global Entrepreneurship: Key principles in how to lead and build brands globally” at Osaka University. Your talk gave us practical knowledge on how to utilize marketing and branding theory on the front line of global business. Your passion as well as wisdom about food industry inspired our students. Your entrepreneurship motivated audience and it was one of the best lectures in our Osaka University EDGE program “Entrepreneurship Speaker Series.” I truly appreciate your kindness and your devotion to education for young leaders.”
– Terumasa Matsuyuki, Associate Professor, Osaka University 

“Ryan is one of the few executive I know in the world who look at retail growth from all angles. Not just retail, or real estate, or franchising but instead he has this talented capacity to aggregate all the business components and environment in order to expand his brand. It is no surprise to me he was able to triple the store count of Pinkberry to 250+ locations in 20 countries in less than 4 years, making it one of the global leading brand in the dynamic frozen yogurt space. That’s why so many organizations have also invited him to deliver remarkable speeches; I have seen him myself twice, he is quite brilliant on stage. When I am not testing some of Pinkberry’s innovative new products with Ryan in L.A., I always enjoy having insightful conversation about global business development with him. I consider Ryan as a trusted advisor of my close circle in the retail & real estate industry.“
– Arnaud Simeray, Senior Director North & Central America – Retail & Real Estate – Reed Midem  

“Ryan Patel delivered a informative, interactive, and action oriented talk to our community of Entrepreneurs. He was able to speak to growing virtually every vertical globally, and doing so in an ethical and effective way. Ryan’s focus on gender equality and diversity when expanding globally really highlighted an issue that many overlook, we would love to have him speak to our community again!”
– Colin Mahin, Program Manager, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center 

“Ryan’s session was a hit. I was the board member that introduced him. Ryan’s afternoon workshop, Leadership & Influence:  How to empower & succeed globally, was well received by the audience. The session was well attended and many attendees stayed past the end of Ryan’s talk to ask him one on one questions.  I witnessed a woman who was so inspired by him, she asked if he would be open to being her mentor. He gladly gave her his card and told her to contact him.  Ryan’s inspirational speech focused on the benefits of building winning teams within organizations to accomplish higher goals.  Ryan was engaging, articulate,  approachable and very easy to follow and relate to.  Ryan added a very human perspective to the daily journey many people encounter in the business world.”
– Deidra Leiberman, Board of Directors, Professional BusinessWomen of California (PBWC) 

“I just wanted to pass along my sincere thanks for spending time with my students during the past several semesters.You presented to very large college class sessions with 300 undergraduate students. This is a tough audience with which to engage and keep attention focused on the topic at and you did a remarkable job with these young people   by discussing a subject with which they have great interest – developing skills in connecting with others who are not like yourself. Your travels throughout the world and dealings with a widely diverse set of business owners and retail customers creates a high level of credibility with college students. We often hear about “globalization” but rarely do we have a chance to engage with someone who lives it on a regular basis and in fact makes a business out of it. I highly recommend you as an engaging, thoughtful speaker who can grasp the attention of large audiences and deliver simple, elegant and meaningful messages in a very entertaining manner.”
– Dr. Carl Braunlich , Professor, UNLV William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration

“”Ryan, THANK YOU for helping to make the WMU Food Marketing Conference a huge (record breaking) success. Your talk on Global Food Trends was standing room only, which in itself is a testament to the great work you did. It has been good to see the many comments coming back from those who attended your talk too. Thanks also for speaking at the AMA meeting on campus the next day too. And finally thanks for speaking in my class for MKTG 3730 Internet Marketing at Western Michigan University. I have had several students come up after your talk to tell me thanks for bringing you to campus. They really enjoyed your discussion on the ups and downs of setting up Apps and the international expansion of Pinkberry. Cheers and best wishes for your continued success!”
– Bob Samples, Professor of Marketing, Western Michigan University Haworth College of Business

“You have a lot of unique experience with brands that students know and care about.  Thank you so much for visiting with our global business students! We are very pleased to know you and call you a friend.”
– Pam Perry, PhD, Associate Dean, University of Arizona – Eller College of Management  

“Thanks once more for the time you took to come speak to the MBA students.  I did get a lot of positive feedback from the class.  They really enjoyed your insights and stories.  One woman, in particular, was amazed that we were able to get someone with such a breadth of experience to speak in the class.”
– Dr. Kristen Bell DeTienne,  Professor of Organizational Leadership and Strategy , Brigham Young University – Marriott School of Management 

“I can assure you that the feedback from Ryan’s workshop session was wholly positive. The skewed number of attendees in the session next door is testament to that! From the delegates I spoke to I gathered that the interactive and relevant nature of Ryan’s presentation style was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by the students.”
– Shahnaz Khan, Officer, London School of Economics Emerging Markets Forum

“Ryan launched our guest lecture series for the Asia Business Club at Imperial College Business School on the subject of “Leadership & Expansion Strategies: Global Retailers in Asia”. He is a dynamic and enthusiastic speaker and the students got a lot out of it. Not only is Ryan a great and personable speaker, but he is generous with his time too. He was very happy to meet with us and the students prior to the event and was the last one to leave the networking event afterwards – having spoken to everyone who came to the event!”
– Toby Emmerson, Employer Relations Executive , Business School at Imperial College 

​”Ryan Patel was a perfect fit to speak at our event. His energy, passion, expertise and thoughtfulness resonated very well with our audience. His session was well received on all of our post-event surveys and attendees raved about his quality content. Working with Ryan was a true honor and privilege…Ryan brings a unique quality and perspective to his session topic.. He relates to many types of business professionals and transcends multiple industries.”
–  Megan Chiarello, Summit Director, benefitsCONNECT

“I believe the article offered a new twist to readers:  franchise development, matched with real estate and international expansion.  Therefore, the article offered new insights that we had not covered before in a simple, direct and informative manner that I believe made very interesting reading.”
– Laura Fenwick, IFA Publishing Manager, Franchise World Magazine

“I was extremely pleased that someone with Ryan’s insights and professionalism as a Franchisor was a key contributor to our panel discussion.  He was engaging and a steward of his business with a deep understanding of the many facets of the Franchise business.  It was a pleasure and we look forward to future endeavors.   Thanks for bringing a “special flavor” to the event.”
– Matt Toledo, Publisher & CEO, Los Angeles Business Journal   

““Inspirational” and “one of the best [Talks] I have been to” were just some of the comments / feedback sent to me following Ryan’s Talk. Other accolades included:
• “Passoniate”
• “Excellent Speaker”
• “Fascinating Talk”
• “Great Insights”
• “Positive messages”
• “Ryan was very engaging”
• “[Ryan] spoke in simple words about the importance of values and integrity in doing business. Very refreshing indeed!”
• “Ryan was a very natural but knowledgeable speaker with a fluid style and a clear passion to help businesses achieve their growth potential”
• “..difficult to keep people’s attention at 8am and Ryan did a great job!”
• “..a relaxed personable approach, which Ryan has in spades”
• “a great choice of speaker for an upwardly mobile audience!”
• “Ryan had some powerful tips / advice to share with us”

Ryan did a sterling job inspiring and engaging an audience of lawyers (early in the morning at breakfast time). Not an easy feat to have lawyers laughing, engaging and smiling throughout a morning keynote session; Ryan managed to do this with real ease and aplomb.

Ryan took the time out of his busy schedule to phone me on two separate occasions to chat in length about the composition of the audience, to find out what they would be interested in hearing and learning so that he could appropriately craft his Talk. During these conversations, Ryan came across as being very personable, approachable, knowledgeable, insightful and fun with a great sense of humour. So, all in all, I was not surprised that there was such a terrific reaction to Ryan’s Keynote Address to the LBDC | Lawyers’ Business Development Club |. Ryan demonstrated that doing your homework and “Knowing Thy Audience” is so important. The feedback he received shows that Ryan pitched his Talk perfectly. So if you are looking for someone to deliver a terrific keynote address/Talk, then you should definitely reach out to RYAN PATEL.”
– Colin Carroll, Founder and MD of the “Lawyers’ Business Development Club”

“Ryan was guest speaker in my International Business class. He was very personable, developed an instant rapport with the students and did an excellent job…My student loved his presentation and I really attribute that to his way of presenting information and providing data to support his material… I do hope he can come back next year again and give us another talk.”
– Professor Anil Agarwal, University of Arizona – Eller College of Management

“Ryan is one of the few executives I know in the world who are so enthusiastic and generous in his time and efforts in supporting higher education and growing the next generation of business leaders. I invited him to be our guest speaker for my evening class- Strategic Management and Leadership in Hospitality- on our Long Beach campus. For those who know the traffic in rush hours at the Greater Los Angeles area, the pain for sitting in a slowly-moving endless line of cars on highways is beyond words. It took Ryan three hours to come to our campus (one way) from his office after his work! His efforts to go extra miles to support student’s education is unbelievably incredible! Not only that, his positive energy and insightful perspectives of the food industry kept my student’s attention the whole night, and the class was full of vigorous discussion! Many of my students got so inspired by Ryan, and said that one day they wanted to be such a compassionate and knowledgeable hospitality executive. Below is the original words from one of my student’s notes:

‘Ryan has completely opened my perspective in education and the hospitality industry. Before I always thought I was not as good and competitive as those graduates from Ivy League schools. Ryan gave me the self-confidence by making me realize it is not the degree but what you do with the degree. He inspired me to excel and become a leader in the hospitality industry. I had no idea that there were so many opportunities in this industry!’

Ryan is an outstanding industry executive, but most of all, he is a wonderful human being with a generous heart!”
-Yun Ying (Susan) Zhong, Ph.D., CHE, Assistant Professor of Hospitality Management, California State University, Long Beach

“Ryan was a wonderful addition to the IIeX North America 2015 agenda. Our audience was incredibly enthusiastic about the content that Ryan delivered, which stood out among a very content-packed event. I would undoubtedly recommend Ryan as a speaker who can apply his expertise and insights to a wide variety of industries.”
Emily Fuller, Global Events Manager, GreenBook

​”The students loved the presentation–I ran into a group of them this morning talking about how interesting and relevant the conversation was and funny.  Thank you again for agreeing to speak and being a part of Penn Fashion Week!”
– Susan McMullen, Senior Associate Director , University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School of Business